Reagent Filling Service

Filling volume: 1ml to 200ml

Usage: Medical,pharmaceutical or healthcare reagent filling

Package:  PP or PET Tube,glass vial,plastic bottle or as required

Logo: OEM

1. LvchengMed provide packaging materials, various packaging forms or packaging forms specified by customers.

2. Service can be processed by two steps: ① sample preparation ② mass production

3. Liquid raw materials or formulas provided by customers can be produced in accordance with requirements.

4. Both semi-finished products or OEM products with customer LOGO could be provided.

5. The service is mainly targeted at pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, multinational companies, laboratories, engineers, scientists and R&D companies that have product solutions or process solutions and need reagent filling service, or need to import packaging materials and canned raw materials from China.

6. Specific cooperation programs could be provided according to customer needs with complete one-to-one service. Mold opening, quotation, production term would be listed as needed.

7. LvchengMed ensures that the products are prepared for customers in the most reasonable time and the transportation plan is provided in time.

8. Powerful reagent filling and package production line resources.

9. If necessary, confidential service can be provided throughout the whole process.



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